Booking Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and Visit Beyond, Co. Ltd. By booking a trip, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. They affect your rights and designate the governing law and forum for the resolution of any and all disputes.


Hereafter “customers” or “client” shall refer to the person or persons named in the booking including minors, and “agent” or “supplier” as any person, organization or company that sells Visit Beyond’s tours through an agreement with Visit Beyond. All clients wishing to make a booking have carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions that follow. By making a booking the client accepts to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Visit Beyond and all agents reserve the right to decline any booking. The service to be provided is/are the tour(s) referred to in the booking confirmation.


All customers participating in dives are obligated to complete a medical form. If customers depart for a dive tour from New Road Guest House in Bangkok then customers are obligated to fill out a medical form from our licensed dive operators before departure. Otherwise, the customer will fill out such a form at the dive operator’s offices at the dive site.


If any customers suffer from any conditions, physical, mental or otherwise, they are obligated to notify Visit Beyond in writing prior to booking. Visit Beyond reserves the right to decline a booking if said conditions pose a danger to any customer. Likewise, failure to notify Visit Beyond of any such condition may result in the customer’s denial of travel. Many countries in which Visit Beyond operates are poorly equipped to serve the disabled and Visit Beyond is under no obligation to provide facilities to enable the disabled to travel. Similarly, customers should be aware that these countries have medical standards and facilities that mayvary greatly from what the customer is used to in their home country. Women who are or think they may be pregnant must consult a physician before engaging in any activity with Visit Beyond or before booking any trips. Any customer who is concerned about their ability to travel should contact Visit Beyond. The company will endeavor to recommend a trip suitable for their needs.


The minimum age for clients traveling on tours varies according to each trip. It is the client’s responsibility to determine the minimum age requirements according to each trip before requesting a booking from Visit Beyond. Clients should consult the trip dossiers on for the Children Rules of each trip. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. An adult is defined as anyone over 18. All enquiries with respect to children are subject to review and approval by Visit Beyond. Visit Beyond reserves the right to restrict the number of travelers under the age of 18 on tours.


Visit Beyond sells in many global currencies. Visit Beyond is most likely to charge customers in the currency of the destination country. However, Visit Beyond reserves the right to apply the currency of their choosing to the booking.


Visit Beyond will provide quotes for Tailored Trips. All quotes are subject to a non-refundable quote fee that varies according to the destination country. Should the booking be confirmed, this amount will be deducted off the final payment amount. Visit Beyond also reserves the right to apply other Administrative Fees at its discretion.


Visit Beyond must confirm the client’s booking in writing, email or voucher. Please refer to the confirmation invoice and/or confirmation email for details regarding final payment. Payment of the balance is due upon booking confirmation. If full payment is not received upon confirmation, then Visit Beyond will consider the client’s booking cancelled. Visit Beyond reserves the right to levy supplemental charges to Tailored Trips


Customers must provide all the names and ages of all travelers when making a booking or when requesting a quote. All necessary details are specified in the Visit Beyond booking template, which the customer receives when making a booking.


Visit Beyond charges fees on credit cards according to the country of operation or destination country. Visit Beyond is not responsible for any charges applied to credit card transactions and will not refund or return any fees charged by third parties and incurred during the transaction of the tour cost.


Customers and booking agents must notify Visit Beyond of any cancellations. Visit Beyond will not provide discounts or refunds for missed or unused services, whether voluntary or involuntary. The following cancellation and no-show fees are expressed as a percentage of the total tour price:
• 100% refund if cancellation is received one month prior to arrival
• 50% refund if cancellation is received 15 to 29 days prior to arrival
• No refund if cancellation is received less than 15 days prior to arrival.
Visit Beyond Tailored Trips may vary in cancellation policy from that detailed in this clause. The cancellation policy for Tailored Trips will be made clear upon booking confirmation if the refund policy is more strict than outlined above. Customers can locate the most recent and updated cancellation terms on


Visit Beyond reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason, but will only cancel a tour less than 30 days before departure for unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside Visit Beyond’s control (Force Majeure) or if there are too few people to operate the trip. When Visit Beyond cancels a tour, the client may choose between a full refund of all monies paid or any alternative tour offered by Visit Beyond. If the alternative trip is less costly than the original then Visit Beyond will refund the difference. Similarly, if the alternative is more costly then the customer is obligated to pay the difference. Visit Beyond is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the client may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, etc. Where a significant alteration or cancellation occurs which is not due to Force Majeure or other circumstances beyond Visit Beyond’s control, Visit Beyond will in some circumstances offer compensation. Visit Beyond will compensate on a case-by-case basis.


(a) Changes made by Visit Beyond: Visit Beyond endeavors to operate all tours as advertised in the itineraries. The provided itineraries are accurate accounts of your trip. Please note, however, that Visit Beyond regularly updates each trip according to customer recommendations and changes on the ground. Varying conditions and unforeseen circumstances may alter the itinerary, which does not represent a contract between Visit Beyond and its customers. The itinerary is subject to change before and during the trip. As your trip approaches, Visit Beyond recommends you check for the most accurate and up-to-date itinerary. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. Customers should remain flexible and accept that adventurous travel with Visit Beyond occasionally necessitates changes in the itinerary.

(b) Changes made by the Client: Clients must notify Visit Beyond in writing if they wish to change a booking. In some circumstances we can waive the cancellation fee. Otherwise, the customer must cancel the old trip and make a new booking. The customer must be aware of the cost differences according to season and must be prepared to pay the difference if the trip is changed to a new and more expensive season. Customers can change the name on a booking or change the trips to a third party at any time.


The prices in this document are in effect at time of printing. Visit Beyond reserves the right to alter prices at any time. Customers should go to for the most recent prices and itineraries.


Visit Beyond assists customers in booking air travel. Visit Beyond will quote the best price available at the time for the travel dates requested. Visit Beyond reserves the right to levy a surcharge for booking airfare. Tickets are not confirmed until payment has been received. The customer is responsible for checking online reservations within 72 hours of flight departure. If the customer books a trip with Visit Beyond that includes the price of an airline ticket then said ticket is nonrefundable. Section 10 (Cancellation of a Tour by the Client) will not apply to the cost of an air ticket.


Visit Beyond tour leaders’ and representatives’ decisions are final on all matters. Visit Beyond does not tolerate illegal drugs nor do we tolerate visiting prostitutes. Both of these may be common among certain communities we visit but they are illegal nonetheless. Engaging in such activities puts you and your group at serious risk. Possession of illegal drugs is a crime punishable by death in some countries where Visit Beyond operates. Visit Beyond and group leaders reserve the right to immediately expel from the group anyone engaging in these activities. Any financial loss on behalf of the customer is not to be reimbursed by Visit Beyond.


The customer must have a passport valid at least six months after returning from the trip. Customers are responsible for obtaining visas. Customers should consult their embassy’s website in the destination country or the destination’s embassy website in their country for the latest visa requirements. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. We endeavor to keep visa information updated, but rules can change suddenly and Visit Beyond cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.


Visit Beyond endeavors to conduct its operations safely. The company is aware of the risks of flooding, landslides and other natural disasters, especially during the annual rainy season; the company makes efforts to inform customers of any risky political situation that may arise in a destination country. Such information can be found at However, Visit Beyond is not liable to customers in the event of injury, death, financial loss or any other damages incurred as a result of Force Majeure, e.g., political turmoil, riots, war, landslides, flooding, etc. Visit Beyond requires customers to carry insurance that covers such unforeseeable circumstances.


Customers traveling with Visit Beyond are required to carry travel insurance that covers medical expenses, personal injury, repatriation and evacuation. Further amendments to your policy, such as trip cancellation, and loss of luggage and personal effect are not required, but are strongly encouraged. Visit Beyond will not be held liable for lost or stolen luggage. Customers must be able to provide proof of insurance if requested by Visit Beyond or any of its representatives.


Visit Beyond organizes services and holds contracts with a network of companies and organizations to make trips possible. Customers release Visit Beyond and its third party contractors from any liability resulting from pain, injury, death, damage or loss of pleasure suffered directly or indirectly as a result of participation in trips or as a result of Visit Beyond’s or its contractors’ actions or facilities. Implied warranty is excluded from these Terms and Conditions. See the Claims and Complaints clause regarding compensation for dissatisfied customers.


Visit Beyond occasionally provides discounts and promotions for its trips and services. The dates of discounted and promotional trips and services are expressly indicated on the Visit Beyond website. Discounts and promotions are applicable only for new bookings and are not retroactive. These dates are the travel dates-not the booking dates-during which discounts and promotions are valid unless expressly indicated on


In the event that a customer has a complaint against Visit Beyond, the customer must first file a complaint to the Tour Leader at the time the complaint arises. The customer waives any complaints if they cannot reasonably demonstrate that the complaint was lodged immediately. The Tour Leader is best suited to address customer complaints. If necessary, the guide will contact their manager. If the customer is still unsatisfied then the customer must file a written complaint to Visit Beyond within 15 days of the end of the tour (to find contact details on your Visit Beyond Country, go to the top menu or bottom menu and click via 'Contact Us'). Visit Beyond will not accept any liability for claims received after this period.


Visit Beyond organizes trips and has contracts with agents and suppliers. Customers will be bound by agents’ and suppliers’ own terms and conditions. Visit Beyond may supply copies of third-party conditions but makes no guarantee of doing so. The customer may not make the same claim and seek the same recovery against both Visit Beyond and its suppliers.


Visit Beyond’s mission is to bring customers farther from the tourist trail than its competition. Visit Beyond trips are likely to offer circumstances that involve risks to the customer. By booking a tour with Visit Beyond, the customer acknowledges and accepts any and all risk associated with travel. The customer is strongly encouraged to contact and detail their travel plans to their embassy. The customer must purchase travel insurance (see section 18) and will not hold Visit Beyond liable for damages, injuries or death. Visit Beyond may require customers to sign a participation and waiver form as follows: “I understand that travel with Visit Beyond entails risks to my belongings and my person. I understand that this trip will take me to places with standards of hygiene and health care unlike those I am used to at home. I understand that the destination presents certain perils to my safety and wellbeing. I understand that I may be at considerable distance from health care facilities. I accept these risks and waive my right to hold Visit Beyond liable for any damages, injuries or death.”


Any activity not included in the tour or in the tour price is considered an optional activity. Optional activities do not form a part of this contract. Visit Beyond is not responsible for anything that may arise from a customer taking part in optional activities. Optional activities are undertaken at the cost of the customer.


In the event that any term or condition in this document is illegal or otherwise unenforceable for any reason then such term or condition shall be deemed to be severed from this contract or amended accordingly such that the remainder of the contract will still apply and continue as binding.


Visit Beyond encourages customers and the client to distribute their photos through Visit Beyond. Visit Beyond occasionally hosts photo contests for its customers. All such images or video are provided with a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to Visit Beyond to use in any medium for any purpose.


The Terms and Conditions including all matters arising from it are subject to the law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the destination country.


These Terms and Conditions have been written in good faith and every effort has been made to accurately reflect Visit Beyond policies. Visit Beyond cannot be held responsible for any error, omission or unintentional misrepresentation that may appear in this document or on its website.


Visit Beyond may provide personal information to suppliers for the operation of tours and services. Visit Beyond will not reveal customers’ personal information to other customers or clients.


All online reservations shall be deemed as booked in the destination country and shall be subject to said country’s laws and jurisdiction.


Customers should consult the trip dossiers located under “Trip Notes” under "inspiration" and your respective country on The trip dossiers provide important information and advice relevant to each trip including some information provided in these terms and conditions. Crucially, the trip dossiers explicitly state what is included and what is excluded in each trip and in the cost of each trip. Customers are expected to familiarize themselves with the information contained in the trip dossiers.


THAILAND (responsible also for Cambodia and Laos bookings)

Visit Beyond Service Center, c/o New Road Guest House.
1216/1 Charoen Krung Road (between soi 34 & 36)
Bangkok 10500, Thailand.


Visit Beyond Service Center, c/o Beijing Jade International Youth Hostel,
No.5 North Zhide Alley, Beiheyan Street,
Dongcheng District, Beijing


Visit Beyond Service Center c/o Highlander,
Post Box 10987, Thamel, Kathmandu


Visit Beyond Service Center
6 Ma May Str.,
Hoan Kiem, Hanoi,

INDIA (responsible also for Sri Lanka bookings)

Visit Beyond Service Center,
2220, Rajguru Road, Chuna Mandi,
Delhi - 110055


Visit Beyond reserves the right to update and/or alter these terms and conditions at any time. The client must remain updated with any such changes.

Last updated 22nd October 2014

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