Signature Hotels in Phuket

Handpicked Hotels in Phuket - By critical Visit Beyond staff who has a flair for unique ambience, locations, good prices and comfortable stays.

We call this Signature Hotels and guarantee that the hotels live up to certain criteria within defined brackets. So you can put your mind at ease and focus on exploring instead.


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Handpicked BACKPACKER Hotels in Phuket. BACKPACKER means budget accommodation, preferably with a backpacker travellers’ vibe. Catering for easy-going travellers that are attended to in a professional yet laid-back way. KEY WORDS: Pr...

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Handpicked COMFORT Hotels in Phuket. COMFORT is for travellers, who needs more than a bed to sleep in and are willing to pay a bit extra for comfortable, modern amenities - while still keeping an eye on the price. KEY WORDS: Modern...

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Handpicked FAMILY Hotels in Phuket. FAMILY can accommodate a family of at least four. Not just because they have an extra room, but because they want families to visit their hotel. KEY WORDS: 2 adults+2-3 kids, family facilities, am...

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Beyond Ordinay


Handpicked BEYOND ORDINARY Hotels in Phuket. BEYOND ORDINARY gives you more than simply a bed or a place to stay – it provides you an experience in itself. KEY WORDS: Focus on experience – not price, as it will embrace both the char...

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