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Beyond trek in Umphang and Lake House living near the Burmese border? Or the back-to-nature Ranger tour in Khao Yai National Park? Or how about going below surface for some diving? For more than 20 years we have created a fine combinations of adventures in and around Thailand.
Explore adventures beyond the beaten track here:

South Thailand

Endless beaches and rough lime stone cliffs. Wold class diving, full moon party’ing or laidback island hopping?

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Urban Explorations

Down the narrow side streets. Into the heart and soul of the locals. In Bangkok & Chiang Mai.

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North Thailand

Dense jungle trekking, misty mountain views, zip lining in the tree tops or an abundance of arts and culture?

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Central Thailand

Laidback Lake House living or a step back in time in Kanchanaburi? Or a slice of the original Thailand?

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