Participant Concept

Small Group Explorations:

A Visit Beyond Small Group Exploration normally has no more than 2-5 people. It is not a group tour in a big tour bus and expect therefore that you might only be 2 on the tour. And being few, you can go places less travelled. Small group explorations bring you closer to local life, increase flexibility and take you beyond the ordinary.

Shared Group Experiences:

A Shared Groups Experience normally has more than 2 participants in the group, but expect up to at least 12. Most likely, you will therefore share your experience with others. Most shared group experiences have fixed departure days so please check the booking calendar to reserve your preferred day.

Umphang trek - 6 Days

Option :  

One of the best places for trekking in Thailand is in the North West near the Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. Through the region runs the Mae Klong River and the beautiful landscape is ideal for trekking and rafting. The scenery along the river is a stunning array of limestone cliffs, waterfalls, wild orchids and giant teak trees. While rafting you can enjoy the song of the birds, and if you are lucky, catch a glimpse of gibbons, snakes or giant lizards that inhabit in the dense surrounding wilderness. The trek through the jungle takes us to Southeast Asia’s largest waterfall, Tee Lor Su (400 meters high), where you can enjoy a nice, refreshing swim when the weather permits. The sounds and smells of the jungle accompany us on the trek onwards through bamboo forests, dense growth and rivers. Along the way we will sleep in the Karen village of Kho Ta, where it is possible to gain an exciting insight into the tribe’s lives and culture. From here the journey continues through the jungle on the back of the village’s working elephants...

Trip length:
6 Day(s) 5 Night(s)
Unique Experience:
● Beat the crowd and trek through unspoilt jungle near UNESCO certified Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary.
● Swim in amazing Tee Lor Su Waterfall, ride through the jungle on working elephants and stay overnight in local villages.
● Great alternative to the well-trotted trails in Northern Thailand.
Locations Visited:
Mae Sot/Umphang National Park
Start City:
End City:
Physical rate:
Type of transportation:
Bus, songtaew,elephant, rafting and walking
Type of Accommodation:
Night bus, Guesthouse ,Tent and Home stay
Tour departure day(s):
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (Wednesday only in high season)
Please refer to below point (participants) for minimum number of pax
Small Group Exploration
Minimum 2 and maximum 8 participants*

Please note, that it is possible to book 1 person on this tour, but departure is conditioned by a minimum of 2 participants. Please check with your travel consultant. Should the minimum requirement not be met, we will always do our best to reschedule or find the best-suited alternative at any given time.
*Please note that Umphang enjoys a remote location and very few local English speaking guides are present. In rare occasions the group departing on any one day may be more than 8 participants. If so, we will, however, separate into smaller groups of max 8 participants when reaching Umphang.
Children Policy:
Child age: Up to and including 11 years.
Child price: See “Rates”
This tour is not recommended for: children below 6 years.
Included in Price:
Meals: 4 breakfast, 4 lunch, 4 dinner.
Accommodation: 1 night in VIP night bus, 1 night at a local guesthouse, 1 night in basic tent, 1 night in local home, 1 night in VIP night bus back to Bangkok or 1 extra night at local guesthouse if ending in Mae Sot or Chiang Mai
Entrance fees: All entrance fees to national parks etc.
Transport: VIP night bus from/to Mae Sot and VIP night bus or normal day bus from Mae Sot, local car, soengtaew, rubber dinghy or bamboo rafts (depending on season), elephant.
English speaking tour guide: Guide/driver from New Road Guest House to bus station, guide in Mae Sot, guide upon
arrival in Umphang and during the trek.
Excluded From Price:
● Travel Insurance (Compulsory).
● Guide during overnight bus rides and soengtaew from Mae Sot to Umphang.
● Transport to hotel or onwards destination upon arrival on the 6th day at bus station in Bangkok/Chiang Mai/Sukhothai.
All other expenses not stated as included in the above.
Travel season:
All year. The June - October rainy season can bring heavy and regular rainfall.
The best time to visit is November - Febuary, when it’s dry and temperatures are at their lowest, around 30 degrees. From March until May the temperature can rise to 39 degrees.
From Febuary - May the experience on the river will be carried out on bamboo rafts if possible.
Essential to bring:
● Good trekking/walking shoes
● Sandals (for rafting)
● Warm sweater and long sleeved shirts and pants for night time
● Mosquito repellent
● Sleeping bag (can be borrowed locally for free against a small deposit)
● Waterproof poncho & rubber boots if preferred (can be borrowed locally for free against a small deposit)
● Long socks for treks
● Copy of passport
● Motion sickness pills (if needed)

** Please note: You have the option to end this tour in Bangkok, Mae Sot, Chiang Mai and Sukhothai at no extra charge. Simply ask us for further details.

Day 1: Bangkok – Mae Sot
We will meet at New Road Guesthouse around 8:00 pm (please ask the service guide about the exact time the day before). From here we will go by car to the bus terminal and onwards with a VIP luxury bus from Bangkok to Mae Sot...

Day 2: Mae Sot – Umphang
In Mae Sot we are picked up by Mr. Lar and have the opportunity to sleep a couple of extra hours in his guest house (Expect basic accommodation) After breakfast and a shower he will take us on a short ride to the Thai-Burmese border market at the river Moi. After lunch we will go by public Songthaew (half open pick up truck) to Umphang. It is a beautiful 4-hour ride through the mountains with over 1,000 turns in the road. (If you suffer from motion sickness this would be a good time to take some medication to avoid feeling nauseous) Accommodation for the night will be in a traditional house on stilts. You may leave some of your belongings here in order to lighten your load for the trekking ahead. We will collect them on day 5. (B,L,D)

Day 3: Umphang
After breakfast the bamboo rafting begins (or rubber dinghy in the rainy season – depending on the water-level) southwards along the Mae Klong. From the river side there are three-four hours of trekking to the camp area in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary where the guides pitch our tents and cook dinner over an open fire. (B,L,D)

Day 4: Umphang
After breakfast on day four, we will take a walk to the impressive waterfall Tee Loi Su, South East Asia’s largest waterfall. Afterwards we will walk through bamboo forests, cross bridges and walk through dense jungles to the Karen village of Ko Tha where we spend the night in a traditional house. (B,L,D)

Day 5: Umphang – Mae Sot – Bangkok
After breakfast, the trip continues on the back of elephants through the jungle. If you feel like it, you can ask your Mahout (elephant leader) to control the elephant. (Please be aware that it is normal and necessary that the Mahout pulls the elephant’s ear or hits it with a bamboo stick during the ride). When back at Umphang you can take a shower before heading back to Mae Sot. Bus from Mae Sot to Bangkok leaves at 8 pm and expected arrival on the northern bus station in Bangkok is around 5:30 am the following morning, where the tour ends. The guide will not join the overnight bus and upon arrival in Bangkok or Chiang Mai you will have to get to your next destination yourself. (B,L,D)

Day 6: Bangkok
Arrival on the Northern bus station Mochit early morning around 05.30 am. Tour ends on the bus station.

Note: Your guide might change the itinerary according to customer wishes along the way. We ensure that any replacement in itinerary will be an experience as well.

B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner

Index of notes:

Emergency Contact - Emergency Funds - Additional Expenditures - Tipping - Weather and Unpredictables - Meals - Group Leaders and Guides - Arrival - What to bring - Checklist - Visas - Laundry - Share Your Trip - Respectful Dress - Money, Dough, Loot & Booty - Departure Tax - Communications - Expect the Unexpected - Health & Fitness - Travel Insurance - Your Travel Buddies - Responsible Travel - The law and "the man" - Children Rules

Emergency Contact

In the event of a genuine crisis or emergency, Visit Beyond’s Thailand Office can be reached on Tel: +66 2630 9371. For further contact details please use the following page:

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Emergency Funds

We advise that you keep 10,000 Thai Baht for unforeseen incidents and circumstances beyond our control (eg. a natural disaster, civil unrest, etc.).

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Additional Expenditures

Take into account your personal spending habits when deciding how much money to bring. How much will you drink and party? How many souvenirs you intend to bring home? How many gifts? Remember to include tips in your calculations. (See below.) Back to Index


Visit Beyond employs local guides who greatly appreciate recognition of services rendered. Tipping about THB 100 per day (if you are happy with the service) is appropriate, but not compulsory. We suggest THB50 per day for porters (if applicable). For drivers who render services for several days in a row, 50 Baht per day is appropriate. Remember, a tip is not compulsory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.

At small restaurants you may want to round up to the nearest 20 Baht. At upscale restaurants, a tip of 10% is appreciated. (Note that upscale restaurants often levy a 10% service charge on the bill. Additional tipping is at your discretion. Back to Index

Weather and Unpredictables

Visit Beyond operates trips in Thailand throughout the year—including the rainy season—and changes may result from inclement weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to change the itinerary according to such circumstances as we see fit to ensure the best experience for our customers. Back to Index


Visit Beyond gives you the opportunity to try authentic Thai food. When meals are not already provided, your guide will be able to suggest restaurants and the best dishes during your trip. The tour leader will normally order a variety of dishes to sample. Notify your tour leader of allergies or dietary restrictions. Back to Index

Group Leaders and Guides

Visit Beyond will often provide experienced, local, English-speaking guides who know the destination and region well. Kindly note that it is sometimes necessary to change the guide at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Your guide is there fore you. He will offer recommendations, history, useful phrases and more. We encourage you to ask questions. At Visit Beyond we aim to support local guides who have specialized knowledge of the regions we visit. Back to Index


If you have booked an arrival package then you can expect a Visit Beyond representative waiting for you at the airport with a sign with Visit Beyond Logo and your name. If you cannot locate your tour leader at the airport, please visit the ATTA office in the arrival hall on the second floor near exit no. 7 where you can get help in locating your guide. In emergency cases please call Mr. Jimmy on +66 (0)81 80 80 144. Visit Beyond does not offer refunds for missed transfers due to a change in flight or delays. Any additional cost you may incur to meet with your group is at your own expense. Back to Index

What to bring

Pack according to the tour you have chosen. If you’re going trekking, bring appropriate shoes; if you’re going diving, bring your suit, etc. Visit Beyond encourages you to pack only necessities. Although there are some tours and trips in which you can leave your luggage behind for a day’s excursion, we generally require you to carry your own gear. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to pack in a backpack with straps and back support and a smaller daypack. We strongly discourage traditional luggage!

Responsible travel (see below) dictates that we respect local cultures. Bring a camera and take pictures and video, but never intrude on people’s lives.

See our checklist below for more specifics. Back to Index


This checklist is intended as a reference guide; it is not a complete packing list. Always keep in mind weight restrictions according to your airline of choice.

Travel documents: Passport and visas, travel insurance documents, tickets, Visit Beyond vouchers (if any).

Money: Cash, credit card, money pouch.

Special for Ranger tour:You need to bring 3 long sleeved shirts in dark colors like black or army green and 2 pair of trousers for the jungle.

Day pack: First-aid kit, medication/prescriptions (consider carrying a doctor’s letter if you require a large amount of medication), sunscreen, refillable water bottle and purification tablets, flashlight, insect repellent, hat and sunglasses, traveler’s diarrhea tablets, prescription glasses, contact lenses and solution, earplugs, playing cards, phrasebook.

Large pack: Alarm clock, international outlet adapter, swimsuit, lightweight towel, eye mask, comfortable walking shoes, raincoat, umbrella, waterproof jacket, outdoor sandals with good grip, waterproof bags for the rainy season, appropriate clothes for temples and religious sites.

And, of course, your camera, film or memory cards and spare batteries!

Please also check our online check list for this tour. Back to Index


You are responsible for obtaining visas. Consult your embassy’s website in Thailand or Thailand’s embassy website in your country for the latest visa requirements. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. We endeavor to keep visa information updated, but rules can change suddenly.
Citizens of Australia, NZ, UK, USA, DK, SE, NO, FI, and NL do not need visas to visit Thailand as a tourist. If entering by air you will be granted a 30-day entry stamp. If entering by land you will be granted a 15-day stamp and you will require an onward ticket. Back to Index


Some hotels offer laundry services for an additional charge. You can find additional laundry services in all major cities. If you choose to do your own laundry, kindly use non-polluting and biodegradable soap. Back to Index

Share Your Trip

Go on, show off a little! Share your pictures on our Facebook page. We occasionally hold contests for those who provide the best shots, so stay on the look-out and you could win a free trip!

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Respectful Dress

Remember that styles of dress are generally conservative throughout Asia. This is especially true outside major cities. Visit Beyond therefore strongly recommends modest clothing that covers your shoulders and knees. Loose, lightweight, long clothing is both respectful and cool in the predominantly hot Asian climate. Avoid tank tops on the beach and never sunbathe topless. Men and women alike are often required to wear pants that cover the legs in temples and religious sites. Back to Index

Money, Dough, Loot & Booty

We recommend withdrawing money from ATMs, which are widely available throughout Thailand. This has the advantage of keeping your money safe in the bank; not vulnerable in your back pocket. Remember to bring your bank’s emergency contact details in the event that your card is stolen. In addition, notify your bank of your travels before you depart, as banks often place a temporary hold on cards due to transactions in foreign countries or other suspicious activities.

Visit Beyond does not recommend traveler’s cheques. Exchanging them can be a lengthy process and can pose difficulties due to banking hours and holidays. In addition to a commission, unfavorable exchange rates often apply to traveler’s cheques. If you insist on bringing traveler’s cheques then purchase them with a major brand and strong currency. Old cheques are rarely, if ever, accepted. Back to Index

Departure Tax

There is no departure tax at Suvarnabhumi Airport at the present time. This is subject to change without notice and Visit Beyond is not liable for unexpected charges levied on departing tourists. Back to Index


The most reliable method of communication during your travels will be email. Although Internet access is widely available in Thailand, we do visit areas of the country for several days at a time in which Internet access is limited or unavailable. Please take this into account when planning your trip.

It is a good idea to leave your booking agent’s contact details or Visit Beyond’s contact information with friends or family in your home country in case of emergencies. We do not recommend that you leave friends and family with your hotel details because there is no guarantee that hotel staff speaks English. Facebook is another handy tool to keep in touch.

Always register with your country’s embassy in Thailand and provide details of your itinerary in order to make yourself available in the event of an emergency. Back to Index

Expect the Unexpected

Visit Beyond, as the name implies, brings you places that are beyond the well-worn tourist path. Out here, things sometimes go wrong and if they do, it is imperative that you tell your guide or tour leader immediately. They are best suited to help however they can. If this does not suffice, your guide will contact our manager. Back to Index

Health & Fitness

There are no health requirements for this trip. However, to get the most out of your trip, all travelers should be in good physical health. You should consult your doctor or physician before leaving your home country and you should honestly assess your ability to complete your vacation based on the detailed Visit Beyond trip itinerary. In general, the more you physically prepare for the trip, the more you will enjoy it. We do not walk at altitude nor set distance records, but some treks can still be demanding. Expect hilly terrain and high temperatures. Visit Beyond and its guides reserve the right to exclude a participant without refund if said traveler is unable to complete the itinerary without undue risk to him/herself or to the group.

Small and very handy first aid kits should be readily available in your home country. We recommend you purchase a kit before departure along with any personal medication you may require. Read the trip itinerary closely and bring medicine accordingly, as many trips entail travel on long, windy roads and require that you eat authentic Thai food. Do not rely on trip leaders or guides, as they are legally prohibited from administering any type of drug including headache medicine and antibiotics.

Visit Beyond is well aware of the health risks of bird flu and SARS. Therefore, Visit Beyond reserves the right to make unannounced changes to all itineraries in the very unlikely occurrence of an outbreak of bird flu, SARS or other disease. Please contact us at should you require any clarification.

*Special Health & Fitness for diving

Before you begin your dive course, you must complete a medical test. If you suffer – or have suffered from asthma, hay fever or allergies, you must bring a doctors certificate stating that you are physically capable of withstanding the kind of strain that diving can cause. We recommend that you obtain a doctors certificate in advance in case you are suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases. Back to Index

Travel Insurance

Although travel insurance is not obligatory to join a Visit Beyond trip, we strongly recommend you purchase insurance before departing your home country. Traveling without insurance is done entirely at your own risk. Visit Beyond is not liable for the uninsured. We recommend Gouda Travel Insurance for our European customers. Back to Index

Your Travel Buddies

Traveling in a group can be a very positive experience. You are likely to find that your travel buddies hail from all over the world. Therefore, you will get the double pleasure of experiencing a new part of the world and new friends to enjoy it with. In order to get the most out of your trip, each traveler must respect every member of the group, arrive on time according to the trip itinerary, and practice patience with one another. These are your responsibilities as a member of a group and we expect each member to follow them. For reasons of privacy, Visit Beyond will not provide personal information or contact details of your fellow travelers prior to departure.

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Responsible Travel

Traveling responsibly is a pillar of the Visit Beyond philosophy. To us, it means two things: respect for the environment and respect for local cultures. We practice low-impact tourism and make every effort to preserve the environment. We refuse to treat local people as mere photo-ops and insist that you engage with locals as human beings. You will have a better trip for it. Please refer to our Responsible Travel page for further details and suggestions for responsible travel. Back to Index

The law and "the man"

Visit Beyond does not tolerate illegal drugs nor do we tolerate visiting prostitutes. Both of these may be common among certain communities we visit but they are illegal nonetheless. Engaging in such activities puts you and your group at serious risk. Possession of illegal drugs is a crime punishable by death in Thailand. Visit Beyond and group leaders reserve the right to immediately expel from the group anyone engaging in these activities.

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Children Rules

*Children are defined from age 2-11. That means 12 years and up will have to pay adult price.

Children can either stay with the parents in the same bed or we can book an extra bed if possible at the guest house / hotel.

*Some trips have special rules for children.

Children rules for SCUBA diving:

Children can do special dive courses from the age of 8.

Children aged 8-9 can do a course named bubble maker

Children aged 10-11 can do a course named Scuba diver

Children aged 12 and up will be able to do Open Water course.

It's still up to the instructor to decide whether a child is mature enough to dive. Being 10 does not create a right to be certified.

Children are defined from age 8-11. That means 12 years and up will have to pay adult price.

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This itinerary is an accurate account of your trip. Please note, however, that we regularly update each trip according to customer recommendations and changes on the ground. Varying conditions and unforeseen circumstances may alter this itinerary, which does not represent a contract between Visit Beyond and its customers. As your trip approaches, we recommend you check for the most accurate and up-to-date itinerary.

Adventure trips, trekking, hiking, and water activities including swimming, snorkeling and diving are done at your own risk. Visit Beyond recommends purchasing travel insurance before leaving your home country. We can recommend Gouda travel insurance for our European customers.

We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.